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PAPILLON-Epagneul Nain Continental

FCI: group nr. IX.

Origin: France and Belgium


This is a very old breed. About 13th-15th century the dog was bred mostly in royal courts. Well known painters as Tizian or Rubens often depicted them in theirs drawings. They were owned by such famous personalities as Maria Medici, the wife of Henry the IV., Ludwik the XIV, Madame de Pompadour and later also Maria Antoinetta, who went with her darling to prison and also under guilotine.

What is the Papillon like:

In the past only the rich nobility could have enjoyed this type of a dog. Nowadays everybody, who has found themselves caught by the charm of the dog and also, after a resonable consideration came to the conclusion that he/she and the dog might make a good couple, can own it.

But my really anybody own this dog? Certainly not. Papillon is suitable for people, who will treat it kindly and thoroughly, though not too strictly, bring it up.

It is a small dog in two weight categories: from 1,5 kg to 2,5 kg and from 2,5 kg to 4,5 kg. The height is usually 28 cm. It is very playful, ready for each mischief, incredible "inventor" and comedian. It is highly intelligent-it ranks among the first ten breeds within the intelligence chart. Its body is proportionally good built, the hair is easily maintained because it has no undercoat. Thus it is also suitable for light allergics. The most conspicuous features about Papillon are its magnificiently raised, richly haired ears due to which it has got its naming-Papillon Butterfly. The overall feeling is that it strikes like gentle, soft, but it is simultaneously physically solid. It can manage long walks, it is suitable for agility and obedience training. It feels very good in a pack where it has equal friends for its games and mischiefs. It is absolutly not aggressive. Its friends need not be only Papillons, it gets on with other animals too. When it lives only with its owners it sticks to them a lot. If being alone at home it usually sleeps all the time. A longer separation does not do it good. You can take Papillons everywhere, it will not cause you shame in a restaurant, it is calm and obedient. When you treat your dog with love and sufficiently enough, it will become a devoted soul which can read out wishes from your eyes and fulfill them dexterously. We can frequently watch perfect harmony between the owner and the dog at sports, games, but also at disciplined presentation at dog exhibitions. Papillons are showmen and they take the show as a great fun. They hate rude treatment and may easily become shy and distrusful. It is inadmissable to use physical punishment, you should use a stricter tone or pitch of your voice and the dogs immediatelly understands that it has made something wrong. There is nothing more lovely than the feeling that whenever you come home and sit-your darling comes to you and coils upon your knees longing after your caress and cudilling. The dogs can be unbelievably tender to its human friends and also to other members of its dog pack. If you want to own one Papillon only, trust me-you will not find a more faithful and devoted friend anywhere else.

My goal is to keep and bring up healthy and typical Papillons. I have all my dogs examinated for PRA and Luxacia Patella.They are all free of both. The exhibitions success make me very happy of course, but the health of my dogs is the most important for me. And such little Papillons I want to deliver to careful hands of their new owners to make them happy and them joy during all their dog life. If you are interested in this wonderful breed and would like to know more details, please contact us at

What are we like ?

  1. We have clothing, bags, shoes, cups, curtains, bed linen, jewellry and probably everything what one can buy in a shop with little butterflies or Papillons patterns. If it is without it, we paint it upon the item.
  2. We have small figurines of Papillons, books, pictures and hundreds of Papillon photos in computers.
  3. We save hard for a new Papillon or for "rare mating" but we cannot afford "trademark" clothing.
  4. We are saving hard several month before an important exhibition to buy the precious things which can be bought only there.
  5. We go to see the veterinary twice a month or even more frequently, but at home for my personal need I have only Aspirin
  6. We have ten times more of dog cushions, leashes, dog bowls than we have dogs.
  7. We know by heart the pedigrees of all our dogs and theyr birthdates, but when were our children born? :-)
  8. We have dog hairs on our clothes, on the furniture and in pockets of our clothes we have dog food parts and various dog cookies for our darlings. /...and toillet paper :-))/
  9. We know far more about dog diseases and genetics than abour human health problems.
  10. We know exactly what our dogs may not eat, but we eat what we come across.
  11. Our dogs get the to quality food, for us pizza will do.
  12. We have a great number of photo albums of our dogs, the ones where there are our personal pictures are one or two?
  13. Our holidays are actually exhibitions and far destinations for mating.
  14. The breeder needs a couple of significant things : a good camera, a good car and a tolerant partner.
  15. We sleep at the edge of the bed so that dogs had enough of space for themselves.
  16. When we fall asleep on the sofa by watching TV, our dogs sleep upon us.
  17. I need not know exactly how many dogs I have and this is always the favourite question of "non-breeders". When one of my dogs is missing I find it out immediately!
  18. If a further idea occurs to me, I will put it down later :-)

Several reasons why I have so many Papillons:

  • First there were only two of them-one would feel lonely of course...and we started to attend dog shows and have not stopped since then :-)...
  • My flat was somehow vacant,...and clean...and the silence...So we sold the flat and bought an old house in the country. I love the clatter of the puppies and other dogs in the morning, in the evening and all the time.
  • I love the nights when I am up sitting crouched by a female which is in labour to deliver her puppies and then the nights when I am attaching squeaking puppies to her nipples.
  • I have such goot neighbours-they have not come to complain so far.
  • I have only one son-he is 18, an adult, but with the dogs we are "a big family"
  • Our veterinary must live on something. He should buy a new car.
  • When I exhibit five dogs, I can do so with ten as well-it does not matter-on one, way I can get many of them into my car. But the front seats I keeps for myself and my honey :-)
  • The more dogs-the softier and warmer the bed. When will they learn to wash their paws themselves? :-)
  • I still keep on trying whether my husband-to-be thinks if seriously with me :-) At this number of dogs-probably yes. I hope he will not change his mind. He loves them all too.
  • Papillons enchant simply everybody. Then you will not do with one, two...
  • The old generation remains-they are of course the member of the family. And new ones are still arriving. I wish I would be healthy for a long time to be able to take care of them as long as possible :-) But they give me so much energy...
  • Hence the reason why I have so many Papillons :-))

And now a bit more seriously-THE QUALITY HAS ITS PRICE!

Our puppies are brought up with love, they share the house and the garden with us, they are in pernament contact with people and other dogs. We call it socialization, the puppies call it "the pack" :-))

From us you receive a puppy which has been treated with much love, care, time but also financial means. The breed of Papillons is a costly hobby. The breeder attends exhibitions, sees a good veterinary, buys quality dogs food and spends a lot of money an other items an order to provide his/her dog darlings with healthy and happy life and their future owners with standard and healthy puppies.

If the breeder is successful at the exhibitions, he/she makes himself/herself a good reputation and they may also evaluate the quality of their dogs in the competition.

A good veterinary is crucial for us! The quality food is the basis for healthy and beautiful dogs.

The membership in a club, agenda administration, pedigrees, vaccinations, chipping or tattooing, advertisements, the website-it all requires a lot of financial means.

The highest cost-almost crazy amount of money is the breeder willing to pay for a new "member of the pack", or for a handsome and healthy "bridegroom" for his/her females. Of course such a dog is usually very far from our residence.

Papillon ladies usually have from 2 to 4 puppies /the most beautiful remain at home of course/

So, when breeding Papillons you can hardly talk about some profit. Papillon is not and I hope it will be never commercial and fashionable breed. Papillon is being bought by people as a matter of heart, not fashion.

The time, the breeder likes to spend with care at his/her dogs cannot be paid back.

Who is at the purchase, predominantly interested only in the price-actually supports "the multipliers" who cam money thanks to the production of a maximum amount of puppies and at the same time investing the minimum of costs possible.

Because as long as there buyers exist, the puppies will be produced only for the money. Sometimes it may happen that further costs for such a puppy may go up higher the bargain price of such a dog.

If you want a Papillon puppy from a good and successful breeder, you have to take into consideration the price from 600 to 1.500 EUR. It is important to decide in advance what kind of a dog and for what purposes you want it-an individual for exhibitionsand breed, a sporting tipe for an active family, or a family darling, as "pet quallity".

Papillon is a very sensitive and intelligent dog. The puppies which do not grow up in suitable conditions are often frightened, shy and isolated all their lives. Think about this if you want to buy "a cheap puppy" from the breeders-multiplers.

The less the breeder gets for the puppy-the less he/she can afford to his/her dogs.

A good breeder always invites you to his/her house, at any case will he/she sell the puppy "in the street". He/she will show you the parents of the puppy, its siblings or maybe even all the dogs. He/she is always ready to help you and give you advice. A good breeder provides quarantee for the health condition of the dog or may offer compensation if let us say, there occur some problems e.g. with teeth growing or some other troubles.

Dogs are not machines, they are only little animals. We are not perfect, either.

vv We keep a habit to take our "little dog children" on holidays when e.g. the lady owner abroad or also on a holiday where she cannot take her dog darling with her.

You have a lifelong service at our place at any hour of the day, we advice the beginners at the exhibitions and with the whole breeding as well.

When you have a Papillon from us- you must then belong to our "dog family" :-))

...and we are not ashamed also for the imperfect puppies. Let them only be happy with their new owners at least as much as here-at home.

I am looking forward to your possible questions or not binding visit-here in our Pompadour Butterfly Kingdom

The breeder Zuzana Nouzakova