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Naše šteniatka odchovávame s FCI - SKJ rodokmeňmi !!!

We breed our puppies with FCI - SKJ pedigree !!!

Actual puppies

We have puppies after Expana´s Chalenger Launched and Chantalle de Pompadour. There are 4 boys

We have puppies after Multichampion C.I.B. Zuccatan Maria Sirrah /owner Marta Boudná and Oliwa de Pompadour. There are 4 girls.

Puppies after Dantes de Pompadour and Roxelana de Pompadour 2 boys and 3 girls.

Puppies after Zazou de Pompadour and Cognac v.d. Kolibris
2 girls and 2 boys